Saturday, December 17, 2016

What if…

For two days, local print media have covered the 5-day 250-km marching exercise conducted by our 99th and 66th Marine Brigades in Heng-chun Peninsula. Today, on United Daily News a photo showed a big lunchbox full of yummy food including chicken legs and pork chops enjoyed by our marine boys and girls. Certainly I have no objections against those marines being treated well.

Since this is a war game attempting to review the combat readiness of an important branch of our military, I wonder if this scenario is included in this exercise.

What if these marines are encircled and unable to get ammo and food supplies, what would they do?

The scenario did happen in real combat situation. In September 1944, during Operation Market Garden, the men of British First Airborne Division could not get their supply delivered by air from the RAF because their drop zones were overrun by enemies. Among the ten thousand men parachuted in Arnhem, Holland, only two thousand managed to return to their own lines after a week’s fight with Germans. 

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