Friday, April 03, 2015

Janet Lee does not need to apologize

Posting her photos taken on board an Army’s advanced AH-64E Apache attack helicopter on her Facebook, actress Janet Lee (李蒨蓉) was demanded by a number of Internet users to apologize for her reckless acts. These online friends said that the photos showing the panel of the chopper might inadvertently reveal military secrets.

I do not think that Janet Lee has anything to say sorry for.

She and her family were invited by Lieutenant Colonel Lau Nai-cheng(勞乃成), a deputy commander of the Apache attack squadron to visit the camp of Army’s 601st Air Cavalry Brigade. Maybe out of an attempt to show off, Col. Lau took Lee and her family to the hangar of the Apaches, which was an act against regulations because the hangar was off limits to all unauthorized personnel.

After Lee posted her pictures, Lau was reprimanded. As a seed instructor and a senior commanding officer himself, he should be very much aware what he had done was strictly forbidden, yet he did it. This means that the military has more works to do about enforcing disciplines and orders.

On the other hand, Lee and her family were civilian visitors who could not possibly know what to see and what not to see in an army base. And she is also innocent to post photos online.

The prosecutors of Taoyuan District Court said they would probe into this case to see if Lee has violated the Vital Area Regulations(要塞堡壘地帶法). 

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