Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rocket launching and the apotheosis of North Korea

Why would the leader of a nation rather fire a rocket than feed his people? The failed launch of a satellite rocket yesterday cost North Korea USD850 million, which is enough to buy food to feed 80% of the starving North Koreans for a whole year. In addition to developing on the rocket or missile projects, tons of money was used to build giant statues and fancy palaces to honor the grandfather and the father of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s present leader. Does this series of apotheosis, or divine making movements really help this famine-stricken country in any way? It is sadly concluded that, for North Korea, it may be a necessity in consolidating her power circle and controlling her people.

Korea was divided into two countries after World War II and the bloodshed of Korean War (1950-1953) resulted in millions of Koreas living in two worlds, the communist-controlled North and the democratic South. South Korea today has become one of the most powerful global economies, whereas the North remained a closed military dictator regime that could not feed her own people. In contrast, China is luckier. Although it was also divided into two after four years of civil war, the people in mainland China and Taiwan today do not starve to die.

It would have to be up to the Mighty God instead of the human gods created by the Kim family to save North Koreans from their misery.  

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