Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amnesty and amnesia

If you read print media on daily basis, it is not difficult to find jokes from time to time. Here is one.

Hsu Hsin-liang, former head of opposition DPP, called President Ma to grant an amnesty for former president Chen Shui-bian who is now serving time for graft. Hsu cited Richard Nixon and Chun Doo-hwan as examples. It is known that the former was the American president involved in the Watergate Scandal and the latter was South Korean president sentenced for corruption. Both were pardoned by their successors because they all pleaded guilty as charged. In contrast, Chen Shui-bian is still claiming his innocence despite of all the solid evidence presented in the court of law proving that he did commit the crime. Although the true intent of Hsu is till unclear, some believed that Hsu must be suffering from amnesia. Otherwise, how could he make such a request?

Let’s help him refresh his memory. In March 2004, immediately after the controversial 319 shooting incident, the mysterious assassination attempt which Chen Shui-bian claimed made him win his second term, Hsu staged a 3-day hunger strike against Chen in front of the presidential office. In October 2006, alleging that Chen was corrupt for taking the money he shouldn’t, Hsu was one of the major organizers for launching the Red Shirt Army movement to depose the incumbent president Chen. Chen, however, was not toppled down and remained on his seat until 2008.

Some said politics was like opium and it would no doubt get people addicted to it. I am not sure what Hus is up to this time. However, politics of Taiwan seems to me a playground for younger generations. After having shifting himself back and forth in KMT and DPP for nearly half century, Hsu, born in 1941, is getting too old for that. 

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