Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leave your cellphone on after work

No one denies the convenience and fun provided by the cellphone, but one also finds it a nuisance at times. For example, some bosses would order their subordinates to leave their cellphones on after work, so they can be tracked anytime anywhere. Few would consider being phoned by their superiors after work a pleasant experience, but the trouble of finding a new job forces them to leave heir phones on.

Taipei City Mayor Hou Long-bien asked his department heads and liaison officers with the press not to turn off their cellphones after a day is done. The rationale behind the mayor’s request is those in charge must be contacted immediately in case of any emergency. However, according to a local survey, about twenty percent of those key persons of Taipei City Hall still turned their phones off after five, as reported by China Times two days ago. Though the Times did not mention who did that survey, I would give a wild guess. This survey was probably done by frustrated reporters who couldn’t reach city hall officials for comments on some news events before deadline.

I guess it is human not liking to get calls from people of the office after work. Nevertheless, people must accept the fact that their responsibility is proportional to their pay grade. At the time when they’re enjoying all the nice things their pay has given them, they may not in a position to stay away from the troubles they have to deal with. If they do not want the responsibility, perhaps they should start typing their resume.

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