Thursday, November 10, 2011

It’s a lousy idea!

At a legislature session, Chao Shih-chang, the deputy defense minister, told lawmakers that the military is going to learn from their South Korean counterparts to take advantage of male celebrities during their service periods to help promote the image of the armed forces.

His idea was immediately rebutted. Which celebrity is the Ministry of Defense going to ask to do the job? Matthew Lin (明道), or Ethan Ruan (阮經天)? Both were heavily criticized for dodging their military service by prolonging their “student” status. Their trick is to keep transferring from one college to another. They would try flunking a few courses in order not to graduate. By doing so, they can buy more time to get more movie contracts and earn more money. Although the law has been amended and stipulated that all male college reaching the age of 28 must serve first even they are not graduated, it would not affect all those male actors/students who are over 28 now because the new law is not ex post facto.

I can’t imagine seeing MOD’s TV commercial encouraging young people to sign up for voluntary service featuring several characters notorious for escaping their service year after year. It’s indeed ironic!

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