Saturday, September 03, 2011

You never know what you would do until you meet one

Lin Won-yi, former deputy magistrate of Taipei County and a professor of sociology at National Taiwan University, also the writer of education policy for Tsai In-wen, DPP's presidential candidate 2012, is not a saint. He is a human, and human errs.

He was caught having sex with his graduate student 30 years younger than him by his wife at a hotel room in Banciao the other day. His wife was so angry about his extramarital affairs that she decided to sue both of them for adultery. Possible prison term may be given if the judge decides that he and his student are guilty of the charge.

Whenever similar news like this one is reported, some would talk about self-control or self-restraint while accusing how wrong the man and the woman who gets herself involved in other's marriage are. I hope these accusers are lucky enough to stay away from such trouble all their lives. I believe that very few married men are able to exempt themselves from physical temptation when they face one because men are just built physically incapable to escape from it.

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