Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why bothers?

It was not to our surprise that F-16C/Ds were not on the list of weapons to be sold by the United States to Taiwan in 2011. However, to say that our existing F-16A/Bs could fight as good as F-16C/Ds after being upgraded by the retrofit package Americans agreed to sell us is really a terrible joke. In this case, why has Taiwan kept asking to buy F-16C/Ds for years? I agreed with Richard Fisher, an American think tank expert specializing in Chinese military development, who criticized the decision made by Obama's administration to sell only upgrade kits to Taiwan was like using band aid to fix surgical problems. Fisher pessimistically asserted that if the US did not help Taiwan to upgrade her air power, Taiwan would have difficulty in the very near future to deal with Chinese J-10B fighters equipped with newly upgraded radar and aerial combat system.

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