Thursday, September 29, 2011

No turning back

It was Teacher's Day yesterday. I’m afraid there were not many happy teachers. According to a survey by two Kaoxiung City council members, over forty percent of the teacher subjects bore the idea to quit their job because of too much pressure. Lower social respect, more administrative trivialities, nastier helicopter parents, and less industrious students were listed as sources of their stress. Teaching profession used to be highly respected in Chinese communities. Why have teachers been feeling so frustrated as to leave their chosen line of business? I would assume that unmet expectation is one of the reasons for teachers' setback.

Years ago when I first entered the classroom of a junior college, all students stood up and took a bow to me. And there was always a cup of hot tea on the podium prepared by a student on duty. Now if a teacher still craved for that courtesy, he might face a couple dozens of puzzling faces wondering why. Yes, the time has changed, and we teachers need to think of changing too. Remember when corporal punishment was still allowed, parents of students would come to school and thank the teacher for "teaching" their kids hard. Now teachers might be sued for calling students stupid.

I am really sorry to read about the number of coworkers who did not like their job as they used to be. In my opinion, if we teachers constantly think of why we wanted to step into this profession in the first place, adjust our state of mind to teach our students with the best of our professionalism, we can win respect from our students and the society as well.

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