Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's the fuss?

One of the opening scenes of the 1970 movie of Patton shows the mighty general, who then just took command of the U.S. II Corps in North Africa in March 1943, inspects the officers' quarter and sees a sexy pinup posted on the closet door of one of the officers. He uses his swagger stick to swiftly slash the picture off the door and yells to frightening officers around him, "This is a barrack, not a whorehouse." However, for years pictures of sexy females have been seen on all sorts of military facilities and combat equipment, in particular as a nose art of bombers and fighters, serving as big morale booster in the Western armies.

A recent film posted on the Youtube showed sexy photos, posters, and lingerie hanging on the walls of an officer quarter of the 7th Tactical Fighter Group stationing at CCK Air Base in Taichung aroused controversy. The officer quarter, nicknamed "mini bar", was in fact a "counseling and pressure release classroom" used by pilots standby at base for missions. It has the usual A/V facilities for R & R purposes. And those pinups and lingerie were the idea of Colonel Jin, the commander of the 7th which he thought would help his men relax more. According to the colonel, the "mini bar" is used exclusively by male pilots where the female group crew will never come. The Air Force Command was reported to have all those pictures and lingerie removed to avoid further controversy and promise to be more serious about room decorations in the future.

If our pilots can get real relaxation in a room with pinups they like, why not? I don't see any reason making a fuss over these pinups as long as there are not pictures prohibited by laws.

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