Friday, August 26, 2011

Only the white can teach English?

The owner of a kindergarten was fined NT$300,000 by the labor authorities of New Taipei City for rejecting an American born Chinese to apply for an English teaching position simply because he is not a "white." Though the owner argued to the reporters that whose staff did not tell the applicant clearly that the rejection was made based on his not having Taiwan's citizenship but his skin color, it is no secret that, to meet parents' need,  most local kindergartens tend to hire only white teachers to do bilingual teaching. I can not but feel sad for these parents. Aside from showing their ignorance and encouraging racial discrimination, they also waste tons of money on some "white" teachers who may not be qualified to teach children English as a foreign language. What they should ask is whether their children can get quality language education instead of concerning for the color of the teacher's skin.

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