Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MP's motorcycle company to be disbanded

On every national ceremony the phalanx formed by one hundred or so military policemen parading at slow speed on 400-kg Harley-Davidson motorcycles acting as vanguard is always a spectacular eye-catching scene. Well, this military police motorcycle company may soon become history. It is reported that the Ministry of Defense is considering disbanding this company next year on the ground that such company may not help much during the war. Some lawmakers urged the ministry to reconsider its decision because of the existing morale boosting effect brought by this company.

According to MOD, these riders and their motorcycles will be reassigned to support different military police units. In my opinion, if these one hundred military police riders may be put to better use elsewhere, then it is not necessary for them to exist as a company that may only perform a few times a year on national day or other important national occasions. As for their function and role to raise morale, there must be other ways to achieve the same effect.

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