Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome individual Chinese tourists

Starting June 28, individual Chinese tourists will be allowed to travel and sightsee in Taiwan. Before then, tourists from mainland China are only allowed to visit Taiwan by joining a tour group, and "group-in and group-out" policy is strictly enforced by the government for obvious security reasons. Many regard the decision to permit individual visitors a great leap of cross-strait tourism which would further beef up not only cross-strait relations but result in millions of dollars of business opportunities to the travel industry of Taiwan.

Many? But not him. A restaurant owner in Gaoxiong City had a sign nailed at the entrance which says "We refuse to serve Chinese." He must hate Chinese very much to erect such a sign. However, Chen Ju, the mayor of Gaoxiong and key persona of the opposition DPP, an indigenous political party long resisting closer ties with mainland China, expressed her welcome to all visiting her city, including individual Chinese tourists. And we believe she spoke on behalf of thousand of Gaoxiong citizens.

At the initial stage although a maximum of 500 Chinese individual travelers only are allowed to visit Taiwan, we believe the number would be increasing pretty soon. We Taiwanese are always proud of our achievement in leading a democratic and free lifestyles, and letting more Chinese to come here and witness these facts firsthand would no doubt produce certain impact towards China and her people. The effect is definitely unimaginable.

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