Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dodging military service is selfish and despicable

Getting higher educational degrees has always been treasure in Chinese communities, and it is no exception in Taiwan. Although the law requires that all men should serve one year in the military when reaching the age of 20, those who are in schools are eligible to apply for deferment of service before the completion of their studies. The thoughtful consideration of lawmakers inadvertently created a loophole for a number of entertainers who want to dodge the service. They try to stay as college students as long as they can to avoid serving their country and at the same time, earn as much as they can. The usual trick would be take up only a few credit hours every semester at a private university, where enrollment is very easy, to keep their student IDs. Some entertainers, singers, or movie stars use this trick to prolong their studies for as long as nine or ten years because the local draft law allows draftees to apply for deferment until the age of 33. In contrast, ordinary people need only four years to complete their college education.

Reported by the United Daily today, Ming-dao (明道), a movie star and a student in name only of Tung-nan University of Science and Technology, has been deferring his service for 11 years. He keeps evading his service by transferring from one school to another.

Ming-dao's intention is selfish and therefore despicable. He needs to be reminded that the reason why he was able to make a fortune here is because Taiwan is well guarded by those who answered the country's call and served her honorably. Without the devotion of our draftees, Ming-dao is impossible to develop his career in show business. Now it has come to his turn to serve, what good reason can he possibly hold to get away with it?

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