Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The recent plasticizer and clouding agent incident

In the traditional Chinese society "robbers also have their paths"(盜亦有道) was a code of honor followed by outlaws and accepted by law-abiding citizens. For instance, the bandits might take away the possessions of the unfortunate travelers, but they would never slay or rape the poor victims. In the old time, the antique merchants might sell fake art works to those who had money but lacked of the ability to authenticate whether their buy was real or not, but the food merchants would never sell any food doped with any additives to make profits. Unfortunately, such code of honor does not exist now.

The recent plasticizer and clouding agent incident has indeed terrorized the people on this island. Conscienceless businessmen were found that for years, they have been adding tons of poisonous chemicals and carcinogens into sports drink, juices, tea drinks, fruit jam or syrups, tablets, powders, or even cosmetics to make their products look better, to last the validity of their products, and to make more money out of it.

The lawmakers are urging the Administrative Yuan to take immediate actions to ensure those poison-polluted products removed from the shelves. They are also prompting a quick amendment of relevant laws to undertake more strict examination of foods and drinks to make consumers safer. In addition, harsher punishments are demanded to sanction against those unlawful behaviors in manufacturing and trading poisonous products.

Before the government pronounces that everything on the shelves of 7-11s or malls is safe, we, as consumers, are really puzzled if anything we swallow into our stomachs is safe. Today is the last day for taxpayers to report their income tax. We are more than willing to pay our taxes faithfully as long as you, civil servants, do your jobs and make us feel safer.

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