Friday, April 08, 2011

High dropout rate

To private university like Lunghwa, enrollment means lifeline. However, there is another urgency that needs to be dealt. That is to stop the high dropout rate. The reason is obvious and practical for no tuition fees would be collected if the students do not want to stay. Why do students come and then still choose to quit can be explained in four aspects. My explanation here was written based on my experience as a homeroom teacher for 2-year evening and weekend sections for the past couple years.

Job change ranks number one for quitting school. It includes a sudden transfer overseas or to the mainland of China, difficulty in shift change or rotation, and great job offer too good to turn down, etc.

Various family issues would form the second possible reason for students to quit their study, including not getting support from elders and spouse, child daycaring, family members getting sick, and pregnancy, etc.

Falling behind academically and cognitive differences are the next explanation for high dropout rate. A number of students, mostly pretty weak in basic English, simply chose to escape when they found it hard to handle the school load after a hard day’s work or on weekends. There are two aspects to examine students’ cognitive differences. One is some have a wrong idea that it will be nice and easy to get a diploma simply by just paying tuition. They will choose to leave when they find themselves difficult to meet the teacher's requirement. The other aspect is from those who already had a bachelor's or a master's degree. They had found that our course arrangement did not quite fit in their needs to advance their study, so they would choose to leave.

Other reasons vary greatly, from not being happy about the attitudes of administrative staff to not being able to park their cars free. Rumor had it that a student chose to leave our school simply because he could not win the heart of the girl he liked. I wonder what is that related to our total teaching quality?

For obvious reason, I can not reveal the actual dropout rate numbers here. However, I urge those who want to come and study here on weekday evenings or weekends to think twice before deciding to come. The teachers of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages of Lunghwa University of Science and Technology really want to teach you something, but you have to pay your time and efforts to learn. English is never an easy subject to learn well in a short period of time. If you are not resolved to accept the challenge, don't come.

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