Sunday, March 06, 2011

What's breast cleavage got to do with career?

"It pissed me off. What’s breast cleavage got to do with career?" (我不爽,乳溝和事業有什麼關聯?)is the theme of a protest launched by Awakening Foundation(婦女新知基金會)on the streets of Taipei yesterday. Awakening Foundation, founded in 1982, is an NGO long dedicating itself to promoting women's rights and gender equality.

According to the Foundation, women of Taiwan do not enjoy true freedom. There are still plenty of rooms that the government should note when making policies over feminine rights, media environment, and gender education.

The Foundation pointed that the media, television programs, and news coverage were full of stories and ads targeting average women as eager pursuers of breast cleavage, slim figure, and whiteness of their skin. Show girls in tight bikinis were found in almost every kind of exhibition prompting the sales of books, cars, or computers. TV programs stereotyped single women over thirty as "marital underdogs", and married women who would not have babies were labeled as "eccentric" disregarding of the fact that the government does not have a comprehensive policy covering from giving birth to babies, babysitting, and raising babies. Instead, married women were unfairly stigmatized as public enemy No. 1 for low birthrate.

As a father of two lovely daughters and a teacher whose students are mostly adult females, I distaste very strongly for any stereotypical notion to objectify women. I would lend my support for the Foundation without any reservations.

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