Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dodging your military service is a shame


Education is always deemed a priority in our culture. Therefore, the law allows male draftees to delay their military service if they are still students studying in the school. Taking advantage of this legal loophole, a number of local male entertainers have tried hard to prolong their identities as students in the continuing education section of local colleges. Some have even stayed on campus for as long as eleven years without doing anything to graduate. Such act has indeed drawn rather negative social perspective. Under pressure, education minister Wu Qing-ji said yesterday that his ministry is now working on revising related law to limit the utmost duration of study to no more than seven years. Those who fail to complete their study within seven years would have to serve in the military first before getting their diplomas.

To serve in the military is an obligation for every male citizen of this country. The reason why these male singers and actors can enjoy being celebrities and the money their fame has brought them is because we have solid national defense guarded by thousands of law-abiding males who have answered the call of their country and serve dutifully and honorably. I urge these male entertainers not to dodge their national service and serve as everyone else.

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