Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Watch out for spies!

The Battle of Xubang(徐蚌會戰), called Huaihai Campaign(淮海戰役)by the Communist, was one of the three decisive battles of the Chinese Civil War, lasting from November 1948 to January 1949 for sixty-five days. The communist People’s Liberation Army annihilated five army groups of its opponent, the troops of the Republic of China (under the KMT). More than half million KMT soldiers were either killed or captured. Since then never again had KMT been able to launch any significant counter attacks against communist aggression. Less than a year the entire mainland was lost and the ROC government was moved to Taiwan. It was said that the Chinese communist owed much of their victory on the battlefields to successful espionage. Their spies had succeeded in infiltrating the decision making circle of the KMT, so the communist knew every move Chiang Kai-shek wanted even before the battle plan was sent to the field commanders. The war had already been lost before it was fought because even the deputy chief in charge of operations in the Ministry of Defense was one of their spies. Well, did KMT or our military learn anything after such a disastrous setback?

The news headline today was about a major general responsible for the entire electronic communication operations of the Army was found to be a communist spy. He was absorbed by the other side nine years ago when stationing abroad. Although no further stories were reported as to how much classified military information was leaked, it is believed that the damage may have very negative impact on the arm deal between Taiwan and the United States. The Americans would definitely think twice before making up their minds to sell us more sophisticated weapons because they fear the consequence should any valuable military secret fall into the hands of Communist China. How could we defend our island and our way of life without advanced US-made weapons?

The signing of ECFA marked that both Taiwan and China had good intent to further settle the rift in a more peaceful manner, but we still need to be more careful about modern espionage which may target not only our military organization but our economic activities. Industrial or commercial spies may cost us losses no less than military ones.

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