Thursday, May 14, 2009

Improve the quality of the road

I drove my car to the garage for periodical repair and maintenance yesterday morning. The mechanic promised to call me when he's done. When I saw my cellphone screen flashing the number of my mechanic a few hours later, earlier than the time that I expected his job to be done, I had a bad feeling that the call might cost me a fortune. Unfortunately, I was right. My mechanice told me that he would have to change the whole gearbox because it was leaking oil. The leakage was caused by serious damage of the chassie. I knew what went wrong immediately. A few weeks ago, when I was driving through Chungshan Road, I hit, my car hit a hole in the middle of the road, that hole was the result of sloppy paving job done by the road workers. The speed and the unavoidable rebounding caused the damage of the chassie and the gearbox. The construction department of the local government really should be more serious about examining the quality of the repair job of all the roads under its supervision, otherwise serious accidents may happen or more cars may be damaged.

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