Saturday, May 02, 2009

A dilemma

Taking to the streets of Taipei, thousands of workers demanded that the government do something to help the unemployed yesterday, the Labor Day. I am very sympathetic about the difficulties the workers face. However, I find myself in a dilemma as I read about that one of the appeals from our laborers is ask the Ministry of Education to suspend its plan to help college graduates this year get employed right after their graduations.

The central point of the MOE's plan is to offer full subsidy to business owners who are willing to hire graduates as contract interns for one year, i.e. enterprises get people to work for them for free. The laborers protest that, to save personnel cost, their employers maliciously terminate their employment to make rooms for interns. I bet MOE officials had never expected that its well-meant policy to help students be so distorted by practical businessmen.

Several of my students are beneficiaries of this particular MOE's policy. They have had their jobs and will start working right after attending their graduation ceremony on June 13. Though I am glad that they don't have to type their resumes for the time being, I am still worrying what would happen to them when the government aid stops about now next year.

Prsident Ma and his government really must initiate plans creating more long-term jobs, stable jobs, instead of using taxpayers' money to launch short-time offers which so obvious are only political attempts to make the number of employment rate look good.

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