Monday, May 04, 2009

Benign competition, why not?

Though there are plenty of vacancies for anyone in Taiwan craving for receiving decent higher education, an unofficial statistics revealed that some colleges might be forced to shut down due to the everdropping enrollment. It is not news to hear professors complaining about local college students nowadays are reluctant to learn, they come to classes late, they are indulged themselves in socializing, part-time work, daydreaming...anything but studying. Is there a way to make schools continue to run and at the same time, prompt our students to study harder? Yes. The answer lies at opening our gates to allow high school graduates of the Mainland China to further their education here in Taiwan.

Admitting students from the other side of the strait to study here will fisrt rescue many local institutions from their financial predicament and the benign competition brought by the Mainland students may boost our students to work a bit harder to learn.

I really don't understand why the opposition DPP lawmakers are trying desperately hard to boycott the review board at the Legislature Yuan not passing the law. One the other hand, I have full confidence that the presidents of those colleges that have enrollment rate lower than sixty percent would not just sit and watch DPP lawmakers block their chance to save their schools.

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