Friday, April 03, 2009

Stop objectifying women

A TV commercial that promotes online game by having young model wearing low-cut showing her shaking breasts has caused the attention of the National Communication Committee, the watchful eye of media commercials. NCC threatens that punitive action be taken if this commercial is found guilty for indecent exposure. Some, including the advertisers, ad agents and the models who shot this commercial argued that this commercial was a result of ‘creative’ work with the intention to promote the merchandise only. Some lawmakers accused the NCC of double standard in this matter. They retorted that the same giant ads posted on the side of the body of city buses were not subject to fine.

Among the million who have seen that commercial, I felt rather uncomfortable for it had seriously objectified women. It was certainly not creative at all, it was simply a cheap marketing strategy to produce sexual implication by exploiting feminine bodies to arouse male viewers’ inner desire to purchase the product.

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