Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A star, how much is it?

Under pressure from the lawmakers, Chen Jhao-min, defense minister and former air force commander-in-chief, agreed to probe into the star-buying scam and reported to the legislature body and promised to resign his post if he fails the task within three months from now. The money-for-star scandal may be involved as many as three hundred general officers promoted by former president A-bian not by the contributions they devoted themselves for the country and the military but at certain prices.

Checking the entry of 'promote' of my Webster Collegiate Dictionary, I found that it means 'to advance in station, rank, or honor', with 'advance' as its synonym, originally the word came from Latin promotus, to move forward. For a career soldier, a promotion to higher rank means the recognition of his country for his service and a personal honor. Countless heroes were honored and promoted posthumously.

I believe that most officers deserved their promotions and honors. Minister Chen must do whatever he can to pinpoint those who had 'paid' for their promotions and retrieve the stars on their shoulders. It is absolutely unacceptable for these few scumbags to disgrace the honor of hundreds of thousands men and women of our armed forces who sacrifice themselves to protect our way of life.

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