Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy birthday, Professor Huang!

Today, all the faculty members went to a restaurant near Lunghwa for a luncheon to celebrate the seventieth birthday of Professor Huang Tze-lai, whom our students call 'Grandpa', the most respected teacher of the DAFL.

Before coming to Lunghwa, Professor Huang had devoted himself wholeheartedly in training English teachers at the English Department of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) for over thirty years. There is not a junior high school in Taiwan that does not have English teachers who are not his students. Professor Huang is a perfect model of what we Chinese call 'a master who has pupils spreading throughout the land.'

His retirement from the NTNU does not stop him from contributing himself to educate the future generation. Fortunately for us, by the recommendation of Dr. Shih Ho, the former principal of Lunghwa Institute of Technology, Professor Huang joined us in 1999.

What impresses me most about the professor is his attitudes towards his job. He had served as the chair of our department even though he was over qualified for such post. He started Explorations in Applied Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, our department journal for teachers to publish their papers. This is a very practical method to upgrade the research level of the faculty. The bi-weekly This Week was his idea to prompt our students to practice English writing. He also served as homeroom teacher, a tough job that some teachers younger than he often tried hard to decline it.

A number of fellow teachers including me all agree that, if our school has enough vision for making our teaching of English more successful, the principal should invite Professor Huang to be emeritus prefessor to continue perfoming his invaluable service. Nevertheless, I'd like to use this blog entry to say "Happy Birthday to you, Professor!" to express my respect and love to you.

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