Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't be paranoid

A 38-member Chinese tourist group was repatriated as the immigration officials at Taoyuan International Airport found that the whole group did not hold valid travel documents. The opposition DPP took the opportunity to criticize the ruling party's open policy to allow Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan. The DPP spokesman also pointed out that Chinese tourist group's attempt to enter Taiwan without proper permits showed that the People's Republic was trying to test the loophole of our airport control. DPP expressed their grave concern over our national security.

Indeed, we dont' want to reenact the tragedy of Troy or suffer the consequence of Fifth Column. However, we need not to be over paranoid about commando attacks from the other side of the Channel on our maingate of entrance. It would take more than 38 tourists to completely seize the whole international airport.

Xiamen Airlines was fined heavily for carrying passengers without proper documents to enter our airspace. And that, I think, is enough warning for other carriers to make sure what they are carrying before they take off.

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