Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Do you know what G20 summit is?

I wonder if college students in Taiwan would launch protests against globalization like their European counterparts are doing right now in London on the eve of G20 summit, a meeting joined by the heads of top twenty industrial countries of the world to solve the global economic trunami. I further doubt that how many of our college students know what G20 is. Why are our students so ignorant? The answer is simple. They seldom read newspapers. They don't watch CNN, either. In their entire schooling, reading newspapers and watching TV are often considered acts stigmatized as a waste of valuable study time. I am strongly opposed to this notion. If students don't know what is happening in the world, how can they be expected to do something to change it for the better after they complete their studies and graduate from the school?

As an old Chinese saying goes, man of outstanding ability and virtue knows what happens under the sun without stepping out of his doorway. It refers to those who have acquired knowledge about the world by reading newspapers. You who are receiving higher educaiton now are the men and the women of outstanding ability and virtue, so you must read papers everyday.

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