Friday, August 03, 2018

A mother’s long-awaited apology from the navy

June 9, 1995 a 19-year seaman named Huang Guo-zhang fell overboard while the destroyer on which he was serving was patrolling the Taiwan Strait. Several days later, Huang’s body was fished up by mainland Chinese fishermen. Huang’s cremains was later returned. However, from the photos of Huang’s dead body, his mother found that there were wounds inflicted by external force and suspected that Huang did not die of drowning. Mrs. Huang tried every means possible to seek for the real cause of her son’s death but to no avail.

Thus she began her 23-year long journey fighting for the truth and the human right in the military. Her persistence was finally answered positively by the navy. Admiral Huang Su-Kwan, the navy commander, will apologize to her on behalf of the navy at the premiere of a documentary film recording her search for the truth of her seaman son’s death. Mrs. Huang said that she recognized the admiral’s attitude but reiterated that an apology was not the truth and she would keep on looking for the true cause of her beloved son’s death.  

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