Friday, May 25, 2018

Way to go, students of Ruesiang High

It was the second time that a scheduled lecture by Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association had been cancelled, an NGO in Taiwan dedicated to promoting gay rights and gender equality. To protest the cancellations, students of Kaohsiung Municipal Ruesiang High School decided to hang rainbow flags outside their classrooms.

According to the school authorities, the first time the lecture was cancelled was due to the time conflict with a school basketball game. As to the second time, it was because the lecture contents were not reviewed beforehand. It was required by the city education bureau that all contents of the lectures by speakers from outside the campus should be examined by a review board formed by teachers. However, the school found that such procedure was overlooked after having authorized the lecture. The school reiterated that the lecture had not been cancelled and the review board would meet again on May 30 to give a green light to the lecture.

The students stressed that they were upset about the school using technicality to interfere their rights to acquire knowledge about gender pluralism. They said their voice should be heard and that was why the rainbow flags were raised.

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