Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Focus on the small things

After a paratrooper was badly injured due to his unopened chute during a rehearsal jump for the coming war game, the Army Headquarters released a film on Facebook urging all to “focus energy” for the unfortunate parachutist.

Zhao Wu-ling, a military commentator, questioned the military on the China Times two days ago whether “focusing energy” had become its SOP anytime when things were screwed up.

Zhao said what the military should have done was focus their efforts to institutionalize the know-how about dealing with various scenarios that could happen to our service men and women. For example, instead of boasting on the Facebook film that how courageous our special ops soldiers were when they begot blisters to their feet on long-distance training march, Army should study carefully how to minimize hazards like these from happening to soldiers.

In my book, I agree with Zhao. Spending tons of tax payers’ money to buy state of the art weaponry, though deemed necessary in our national defense, the armed forces need to pay more attention to trivialities because the lives of hard recruited men and women depend on them.

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