Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Discloser

The Discloser is a 2017 Korean thriller film directed by Hong Ki-seon. Based on a true event, this film boldly tells about a corruption case involving high-ranking military officers.

Lieutenant Colonel Park Dae-ik (Kim Sang-kyung) has everything a career officer could wish for. Married to a beautiful wife and having a lovely daughter, he is transferred to the Ministry of Defense to take charge of the procurement of aircraft components for the new generation fighters, an important assignment which would guarantee his promotion to be a full-bird colonel. As a patriotic soldier, he works as hard not to fail the expectations of his superiors. However, he gradually discovers that the arm deal is but a big black hole. His superiors enjoy luxurious lives way past their pay grade could afford, while the frontline combat units receive nothing but discrepant parts for their equipment. His attempt to conduct an investigation for such matter is discouraged. After a young fighter pilot was killed in action because of faulty parts of his plane, witnessing the top brass tried to cover the whole thing by defaming the pilot, Park resorts to exposing such corruption to the public through a young TV station reporter Thus the biggest scandal in the Korean military history is uncovered.

Korean film producers and directors are admirable to produce films of such theme.

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