Friday, November 10, 2017

The price of freedom is never low

Three days ago an air force Mirage2000 fighter piloted by Captain Ho Zi-yu was reported missing during a night training exercise. Despite the extensive rescue attempt immediately launched after the plane disappeared on the radar screen, nothing has been found so far. Unfortunately at the times of fast online news, vicious rumors of the accident including one that said the pilot had defected to the other side of Taiwan Strait soon spread. Such rumor fuelled Feng Shi-kuan, the defense minister who himself was a veteran fighter pilot, to burst out swearing at a legislature meeting.

It is believed by some former combat pilots that Captain Ho might have suffered spatial disorientation, a very lethal phenomenon frequently happened to pilots who were going through nocturnal missions, and dashed his French-built fighter into the sea.

The price of freedom is never low. While expecting a miracle of the young officer’s being rescued, the best for all of us to do now is pray for the good Captain and his beloved family.   

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