Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What happened to the Navy…and the Marine?

Two weeks ago a sailor was found dead by swallowing pesticide. According to a media report, Senior Chief Petty Officer Chiu of Navy’s 164th Fleet Command was assigned to recruit sailors from high school graduates. Chiu, who was married, however, had affairs with two high school girls. He had sex with both girls and told each of them that it would be easier for him to be with them if they volunteered to enlist the navy. Both girls did as told. Coincidentally, at Navy’s Recruit Training Center, these two girls were placed on the same squad of the same company. In their free time, they told each other about their own boyfriend and found that they were talking about the same person. Both girls reported Chiu to the authorities, and he was therefore held under probe. It was believed that Chiu had committed suicide because he was under grave pressure.

Another scandal happened in the Marine Corps. The commanding officer of the Medical Company of the 99th Marine Brigade and the female company sergeant, both married, had affairs. Being the CO’s favored concubine, she acted like an underground company commander and got herself involved in the unit’s job assignments, which annoyed the whole company. According to the media report, they checked in a motel in Henchun in southern Taiwan where their company took part in the annual war game of the armed forces. The company commander even used the official notebook to record the fee spend at the motel and his physical changes before and after taking Viagra. Navy Headquarters said that the CO and the sergeant had been removed from their post and ordered to discharge from the service.  

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