Monday, September 04, 2017

Nine shots? Is it excessive use of deadly force?

This morning, migrant workers groups along with human rights groups staged a protest against the police for using deadly force that led to the death of a migrant worker in front of National Police Administration building.

Last Thursday in Xinzhu County a runaway Vietnamese migrant worker surnamed Nguyen stoned the police to resist the arrest while he was being rounded up for attempting to steal a pickup truck. Under attack, the police fired nine shots to stop him. The police said that Nguyen was trying to grasp their weapons and kicked and broke the nose of a fellow vigilante. The suspect was shot six times. He was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived.

According to a spokesperson for the human rights group, the police did not need to use such firepower to contain Nguyen, for he was then naked in his upper torso and unarmed. They demanded that the NPA conduct a thorough investigation.

Meanwhile, Xinzhu prosecutors said that a probe is now underway.

We believe that the safety of the police officers on site is priority number one. We also support the police to use any legal means necessary to protect themselves while enforcing the law. However, we urge the NPA to restore the truth and nothing but the truth, to the public as soon as possible.  

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