Saturday, September 02, 2017

Mosquito airport

Don’t get this title wrong. It’s not about an airport for the Mosquito, a famous RAF light bomber of WWII, to land, but an airfield without being used by any plane, which is like a habitat for mosquitos.

Yesterday, Heng-chun Airport celebrated the debut of the landing of its first aircraft after its opening three years ago. Nicknamed “mosquito airport,” Heng-chun Air Terminal is another example of “money-for-nothing” infrastructure built under political pressure, or to be more precise, under ballot pressure.

Numerous such buildings can be found all over Taiwan. There are “mosquito museums,” “mosquito activity centers,” “mosquito libraries,” or “mosquito parking lots,” etc.  All were the promises made by local politicians during their campaigns once they were elected. However, none paid any serious attention to the usefulness of these buildings or how these places should be run once built. It is not news to see a museum without a curator or exhibits, or a library without books and librarians.

Precious taxpayers’ money was wasted in such a way.  

Back to our Heng-chun Airport, there are a couple of ways to use it though. In wartime, of course, it can be a reserve airfield for fighter planes. In peacetime, it can be used as a landing ground for light/ultra-light aircraft, the venue for kite-flying contests, tracks for car races, flight training site of UAVs, and training tracks for heavy motorcycles, etc.

One thing that worries me is that if these places or buildings are put to good use, where can our mosquitos find their habitats?  

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