Saturday, August 05, 2017

Salute two heroes

1.     Two weeks ago a gas leak ignited a serious explosion in Taichung City’s Feng-Jia Circle. Wu Hao-bang, 30, a curry restaurant owner, despite his injuries, stayed at the blast site and helped ten customers of the shop next to his who were trapped in the fire to flee. Wu was pronounced dead yesterday due to multiple organ failures.

2.     An owner of a soybean sauce factory in Yunglin county had been keeping his words to pay the retirees monthly pension for over twenty years until the recipients told him to stop because they had had enough.

The owner, who inherited the factory from his father, was troubled because his hand-made soy bean sauce was beaten hard by other soy bean sauce made using chemical methods. Despite the fact that his factory was losing money, he could not bear to see old workers leave the job without labor pension. For he was not able to pay the retirees in full, he promised those senior workers that he would pay them by installment.

Comparing with President Tsai who is trying to strip of retired government officials their annuity, this factory owner is more trustworthy. 

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