Friday, August 18, 2017

New uniforms for armed forces personnel

Defense minister Feng Shih-kwan announced recently that our military personnel would be issued new uniforms beginning December next year. Controversies over whether it is necessary to spend about 200 million NT dollars immediately arose.

The new uniforms were jackets for winter wear. It was a copy of U.S. Army’s M1944 jacket, also known as “Ike’s Jacket”, for it was the Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight Eisenhower’s favorite.  

Do our men and women in the military need to change their uniforms? We are not opposed to giving them new uniforms to make them look more handsome and smarter. However, we do not think that new jackets are not priority number one.

What our military needs now is to win more trust and respect from the people the army is trying to protect. The armed forces also need more caring eyes from their commander-in-chief, our President Tsai.

Ever since the DPP took power, it has been trying to cut the retired soldiers’ annuity pay. That is not the way to treat these veterans. We understand that the government is facing financial difficulties and the national annuity system has to be reformed, and we support the reform. Nevertheless, it is very dishonest not to honor what had been promised. 

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