Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Who should do what?

“Attending the commission ceremony of Communications Electronics and Information Command, I witnessed captains holding teapots and majors pouring coffee. I also saw senior officers posing as photographers. Where are non-commissioned officers? What are master sergeants for? What’s the job description of the newly created NCO supervisor? Please delineate and clarify it.” Signed “Big Bird”, 16:15, June 30, 2017.

The above was a translation from a note written by the defense minister Feng Shi-Kuan. Why is a memo note that was supposed to be passed down to his subordinates in the office now circulating on the net? In addition to the problem of who should hold the teapot and serve coffee and who should be the camera man, is there anything wrong with the Ministry of Defense’s internal security? What if it was a note about some classified information concerning our national defense?

 "Was ‘Big Bird,’ the nickname of Mr. Feng, a former air force pilot, showing off too much? " questioned Lee Tian-Duo, a retired colonel.

The MOD confirmed that this note was indeed written by Feng who meant to have all armed forces branches review job descriptions and clarify that of NCOs. As to the leaking of this note, which made Feng very unhappy, the MOD said that internal mechanism had already been activated to probe into it.

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