Wednesday, July 19, 2017

“An la! An la!”

Yesterday a massive explosion occurred in Taichung’s most popular and crowded Fengjia night market, resulting in one dead, two critical and thirteen more injured. According to Taichung firefighter’s investigation, it was the leaking gas cylinder of a curry restaurant that led to the explosion. What ignited the gas? It was a rookie worker trying to sweep away the gas of a leaking tank by turning on an electric fan.

This morning a cement truck with failed brake going downhill on Yangmingshan’s Yude Road hit and smashed hit and smashed thirteen vehicles and nine motorcycles killing four and injuring nine.

A gas worker, even a green one, should at least acquire such common sense that no electric appliances be switched on when a leakage is suspected. This is called SOP.

A professional driver should check the brake of his vehicle before taking off. This is called SOP.

They knew but cared less to follow it. This is how the accident happens.

I hate very much some Taiwanese workers often replying “An la! An la!”(meaning “It is safe. Don’t worry,” in Taiwanese) when they are reminded to follow certain steps regulated by the SOP, but in fact, they do not pay much attention to it.

Accidents can be avoided only through strict compliance with SOP.

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