Sunday, June 11, 2017

Air War over Taiwan 2

                        Kawanishi H6N Type 97 patrol flying boats (code-named “Mavis”)

August 1941 as the Allies imposed oil embargo to Japan, the Pacific War was soon to erupt, and the Japanese were preparing intensively in Taiwan for the invasion of the Philippines and British Malay Peninsula aiming to snatch their rich strategic resources. The long-range reconnaissance aircraft, Kawanishi H6N Type 97 patrol flying boats (code-named “Mavis”), of the 21st Squadron were deployed in Tung-Kang, Ping-tung, Taiwan. These aircraft were constantly dispatched to fly sea-level low to penetrate the air space of the Philippines, Indo-China, and the Dutch East India, over South China Sea. This secret long-range flight behind enemy lines, called Recon Operation M, was a prelude to the landing operations of the Philippines and Malaya.

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