Saturday, November 05, 2016

A life-changing decision

Few people note that their whole lives can be decided by a decision made in a day or even in a minute. Now let me share with you a decision I made that had changed my life since. Thirty-six years ago, after I left my first job, I stayed home jobless for three months. Within these three months I went in for a dozen job interviews without getting any offer. Unexpectedly, one day I received two offers. One was from a government office and the other a private trading company. Coincidentally, the reporting date of these two jobs was on the same day. For I could only go for one, after some consideration, I decided to take the trading company job. I worked two and a half year in that company, and during which period, I met my wife now and decided to pursue a master’s degree to become a teacher. I will never find out what my life would become if I took that government job offer on that particular day. 

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