Sunday, October 04, 2015

Give us back our rights to hunt

On the eve of their Mgay Bari, the annual ceremony to thank their Utux, the deity that gives them everything, about 300 Turku aboriginals staged a protest in front of Taroko National Park Headquarters against the law forbidding them to hunt but allowing Han Chinese to mine and to build hotels on their lands.

I fully support that indigenous peoples be given back their rights to hunt on their lands. Further the Han Chinese should give all aboriginals rights to govern themselves. This certainly is not a favor but only a right thing to do---just to give them back what was rightfully theirs.

Although there are sixteen indigenous tribes recognized by the ROC government, they are still minority because they only constitute about 1.7% of the population on this island. Needless to say, their rights are often neglected because the number of their ballots is insignificant to sway any elections so no politicians would pay serious attention to their demands. 

For hundreds of years, their native Taiwanese status has been ignored, their lands and property looted, and their livelihood incessantly suppressed by every ruler of Taiwan, their native island: The Spaniard, the Dutch, the Manchu of Qing dynasty, the Japanese, and Han Chinese. It is time that we right what was wrong. 

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