Friday, September 11, 2015


I was driving home after my evening classes when I heard about the terrorist attacks on my car radio. At first I thought it was a hoax like the one Orson Wells did on October 30, 1938 on his radio broadcast dramatizing a Martian invasion of Earth causing a nationwide panic. When I was home seeing the TV news reporting live about the attacks, I knew it was not a bad joke but a horrible incident still going on.

Although Taiwan has never been targeted by terrorists, 911 Incident more or less complicates those who need to frequently travel internationally or domestically by air. For example, check-in time advances and security check procedures like taking off shoes inconvenience. However, for the sake of safety, passengers can’t do anything but comply.

Most of the characters masterminding the 911 plot were eliminated by either American special ops units or unmanned aerial vehicles, but we still can’t let loose our defense mechanism. The détente of the West and the Islamic World called for by political science scholars still has a far fetch. When can we expect the peace to come?

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