Monday, June 22, 2015

No-love Act

Aiming to rectify student behaviors, Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational High School planned to impose a “no-love act” stipulating that kissing, holding hands, and caressing between students on campus are strictly forbidden and violators are subject to be punished with one major demerit. And the foregoing behaviors were also punishable if caught doing it off campus in school uniforms. Needless to say, before getting it passed, the proposed law has aroused controversy.

Daan, a very prestigious high school in Taipei, has for years been the number one choice of the top junior high graduates to further their study and we believe its faculty members are also among the best. However, we do not understand why such an idea targeting to penalize school romance would be proposed in the first place. Maybe those who came up with this idea have read too much news coverage about NATO or US enforcement of “no-fly zone” in Iraq or Bosnia.

From educators’ perspective, high school romance should be guided properly instead of grounding it by laws. Campus lovers should be taught to respect each other, know correct contraception measures and focus their attention more on their school works. Aside from that, teachers do not need to worry too much as long as the young boy student doesn’t get his girlfriend pregnant.

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