Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fund for fun?

Controversy fueled as Twenty-five students of National Taiwan University were trying to raise NT$500,000 over the Internet for them to complete a semester-end project. Titled “Climb for Taiwan,” this project was a partial requirement of the future leadership program they had studied. As a part of training, the professor demanded the students find ways to collect the needed money for climbing Nanhu Mountains without asking their parental supports or using the money they had earned from their part-time jobs.

Well, it was no wonder that the first idea these 3C generation college students could come up with about raising fund was to go online with a few clicks and hoping for donations to enter their account. Never had it occurred to these Taiwan’s top university students that what they received was tons of harsh criticism.

In contrast, a number of elementary school children were also trying to raise fund by selling umbrellas to help their own basketball team buy plane tickets to attend a game abroad. Many gave these kids big thumbs up. We wonder why these college students only wanted to rely on others to give them money to complete their final project.

Well, we do hope that these “future leaders” have learned a lesson about no free lunch. 

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