Sunday, March 29, 2015

For the sake of fairness

Few years ago a military police colonel was forced to discharge for his involvement in a sexual harassment case. Still, the retired colonel has received a monthly pension of more than NT$60,000 ever since. He then went working for an employment agency which had won a contract from the Ministry of Labor. The colonel was dispatched to work at the MOL and got paid NT$40,000 every month as a project supervisor. And it’s all legal.

Whereas a college graduate now can barely find a job that pays NT$30,000 a month, why was a pensioner paid so high?

The so-called double pay problem does not start with this colonel.

In order to meet the requirement for teachers of advanced grade and get their schools upgraded, several years ago a number of private junior colleges started hiring retired professors of public schools to teach. With the help of these retirees, these colleges all successfully became universities of science and technology. But the side effect is closing the doors for young people holding a PhD degree to get a full-time teaching job.

Of course it does not sound fair. Fortunately the Ministry of Education has already taken measures to rectify this double pay problem.

I think all retirees are entitled to have a second career, and I think all retirees would agree with me that young people should be given more chances to start their first career. 

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