Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nowhere to run

A man trying to rob a jeweler’s shop was nailed by a good Samaritan in Miaoli city yesterday.

The bad guy, surnamed Chiu, a mortarman on leave of the Army’s 542nd Brigade, pretending as a customer visiting a jewelry shop, grasped two pieces of gold necklace worth of NT$120,000 and started running out of the door when the shopper owner was inattentive.

Chiu was unfortunate to bump into a young man nearby who saw the scene and immediately helped the chase.

The young man chased Chiu for about 500 meters and grappled him. The police came soon afterwards and apprehended Chiu for robbery.

The young man was Corporal Lee of the Army’s Aviation and Special Force Command, who was also on leave. He told the police and the press that, because of his training, he could run 13,000 meters within an hour and was skilled at capturing technique. He was glad to be of help to keep the society safer.  His only regret was that, like him, Chiu was also a member of the military. 

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