Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reenacting when retired

Like their counterpart, the SEALs of the United States Navy, feared by terrorists worldwide for their capability to conduct operations tridimensionally, those of the Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit of our Marine Corps, the elite fighters of our navy, nicknamed ‘frogmen’, have long been respected by fellow countrymen because they are all volunteers who are willing to throw themselves into the toughest training among our armed forces and are determined to complete their missions under any circumstances.

However, the lives of the frogmen discharged from the military are quite different. The stories of two of them appeared on yesterday’s newspaper.

A 33-year old out-of-work living in Henchun, the southernmost town of Taiwan, was chased by local police for burglary. Trying to escape, this fellow jumped in to the sea and started swimming for about 300 meters to hide in the crack of the reef for almost an hour. He then gave himself up to officers guarding the beach because he could not stand the cold. Asked why he dared to jump into the frozen cold sea, he said that he was confident in his swimming for he used to be a ‘frogman’ who could swim 3,000 meters easily. He sighed that he was caught because he did not train himself constantly after he was discharged from the military. No, marine, you got caught because you did something wrong.

A 50-year old lecher, a resident of Keelung, the northernmost city of Taiwan, was trying to pick his target by taking advantages of the crowdedness of the night market. He had succeeded several times until a woman found something wrong and called for help. Trying to escape, this skirt-chaser was immediately suppressed on the ground by a good Samaritan until the police came to book the bad guy for sexual harassment. Good for the victim but bad luck for the offender, this gentleman who saw what is right and act courageously was in fact a tactical instructor of the ‘frogmen’ unit.   

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