Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The courage of not donating any money

Taiwanese are compassionate. They will not hesitate to help others in need anywhere anytime, be it tsunami in South Asia, earthquake in China, nuclear disaster in Japan, or flood in Europe. The recent gas explosions in Kaohsiung were no exceptions. Tons of materials were immediately gathered and delivered to the victims and millions of dollars were donated. As regards the donation, there is little or no problem with bottled mineral water, instant noodles, and crackers, but there were considerable controversies inevitably raised when money is involved,

From media reports, local entertainers were competing against one another over the amount of money donated. When speaking of donation, of course, we all agree that the more the better, no matter that these people really want to give money to help the needed or just to use this opportunity to boost their own popularity, yet Hu Gua, a local variety show host did something very different.  

Unlike fellow entertainers, Hu said he would not donate a dime because the gas blasts that cost 30 lives and wounded over 280 people were not natural disasters but man-made calamities. Those chemical plant owners should be held responsible and made to indemnify the victims. I admire Hu’s courage to speak out.

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