Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our air space intruded

                                          (Chinese Y-8 electronic warfare plane)
The air force officials confirmed that mainland Chinese military aircraft had entered our air defense identification zone four times yesterday lingering no more than ten minutes each time. Our Mirage-2000 fighters and Ching-kuo fighters immediately scrambled to intercept in all four occasions.

Some HAM operators recorded the radio broadcast sent to one of the Chinese military aircraft, a Y-8 electronic jamming plane, a Chinese copy of Russian An-12, through international radio channel. The tone of our female air force operations control officer was firm and clear:

        “This is the Republic of China Air Force broadcasting to the mainland China military aircraft flying 258 kilometers southeast of Chen-hai, course 160, at 7500 meters. Attention, you are entering our international air space. For your own safety, leave now.”

Never has a photo shown our fighter flying alongside a Chinese Liberation Army Air Force aircraft like the U. S. fighters always did to the Soviet Tu-95 during the Cold War era. I would guess very soon we may see one. 

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